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Vendors Teamtailor

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Vendors Teamtailor

We are all about video enhancements

We are all about video enhancements

Our workplace & culture

Working at Vidhance

  • A highly technical product requires highly technical sales people. I talk with customers about our video enhancement software, ranging from implementation details with engineers to end-user video benefits with decision making managers. It is intriguing to interact daily with household name technology companies. I get a first class ticket to see and be part of the fierce competition between top smartphone brands, the immense effort that goes into the camera devices that we use daily, and how tomorrow's imaging experiences are created.

    Olof Björck

    Sales Engineer

  • Following the rapid growth of IMINT, I have also grown in all aspects. As a small and medium-sized company, Imint gave me the opportunity to quickly establish a holistic view of the company and understand the entire process and operation from product development to sales. Directly contacting customers of world-renowned mobile phone brands has also become an excellent opportunity for self-growth. 随着IMINT的迅速发展,我在各个方面也都有所成长。作为一家中小规模的公司,Imint让我有机会快速熟悉公司的整体概况,并了解从产品研发到销售的整个操作过程。直接面对和接触全球知名手机品牌客户也成为绝佳的自我成长的机会。

    Liangliang Nie Palmér

    Sales & Marketing co-ordinator

  • Working in a small but dynamic company. I get a lot of inspiration: how to adjust myself timely in the ever-changing external environment, how to seize the opportunity, how to become a better self and seek for better professional development. Imint is a place where your voice and ideas are respected. As a Chinese working in a Swedish company, you will certainly feel the cultural differences between the two countries. This is reflected in my work: I can see a new attitude and logic to solve things that is different from my previous experience, which i think it is great. 工作在一个有活力的小公司,我会得到很多启发: 如何在不断变换的外部环境下,及时调整自己,抓住机遇,成为更好的自己,寻求更好的发展。 在这里,你的声音和想法得到尊重。 作为中国人,在一个瑞典公司,当然会感受到两国文化的差异。这表现在工作的时候,我会看到不同于自己过往经验的,另一种解决事情的新的态度和逻辑,我觉得这很棒

    Huan Zhang

    Customer Engineer